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The Herald is published by Ethiopia & Eritrea RPCVs for its members. It includes news summaries from Ethiopia and Eritrea, news of RPCVs, book reviews and a miscellany of other articles of interest. The editor of The Herald is Barry Hillenbrand (Debre Marcos 63–65). Marian Haley Beil (Debre Berhan 62–64) is the designer.

The Herald has won numerous awards for both its editing and design in the annual NPCA newsletter competitions including 1st prize in both categories for "country-of-service" RPCV group newsletters in 2002.

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If you would like to have an article, photos, etc. considered for publication in The Herald, contact Barry at BarryHillenbrand@aol.com.

.pdf versions of past issues of The Herald
The Herald #32 — Summer 2006 (pdf version will not be available on the web until #33 is published. To receive #31, join E&E RPCVs.
The Herald #31
The Herald #30
Recomended web reading in this issue:
page 8 — Art Review: "Painting Ethiopia"
Source for the illustrated catalog of the show, Painting Ethiopia www.washington.edu/uwpress.

page 13 — Film Review: "Mystery of the Nile":
For more about the film and where is is being shown:

page 18 — "Of Special Interest on the Web"
Mothers with AIDS

Ethiopian children being adopted in Europe and North America

History and Culture — development of the Rastafarians
www.addistribune.com/Archives/2005/02/04-02-05/Who.htm ont>

Son of Haile Selassie?

(There is no charge to read the article, but you must register at the NY Times site.)

Carter and Ethiopia

page 20 — "Eritrea News: The Economic outlook according to the IMF"

page 24 — "Friends"
Peace Corps Writers

Virginia Mekkelson — www.VirginiaMekkelson.com

The Herald #29 — Winter 2004–2005
"A Trip to Alemaya," cover story
"Chicago," a report from the conference, page 4
"Shlomo speaks," page 12
"Friends, students, colleagues, mentors," page 15
Book review: Letters from Abyssinia, 1916 and 1917, page 16
Ethiopia News, page 18
"The Border Dispute," page 27
Eritrea News, page 29
E&E RPCVs — news of the group, page 32
Friends, page 34
Contacts, page 38
Recomended web reading referenced in this issue:
page 15 — "Students, Colleagues, Mentors . . .:
Rita Levi-Montalcini
"Nobel laureate comes to aid of women in Ethiopia"

Awash Teklehaimanot
"Earth Institute Supports Accelerated Expansion of Health System for Ethiopia"

Yohannes Haile-Selassie
The Fossel Hunter"

page 16Unabridged review and excerpts of Letters from Abyssinia, 1916 and 1917

page 28 — On the web and of special interest:
Falasha Mura www.nytimes.com/2005/p1/03/international/africa/03jews.html (there is a $3.95 charge).

Historical Notes

Ethiopia's place in world literature
Part One: www.addistribune.com/Archives/2004/11/26-11-04/ Click on Historical Feature>From Ancient Greece to Samuel Johnson

Part Two:
www.addistribune.com/Archives/2004/12/03-12-04/ Click on Historical Feature>Ethiopia's Image in World Literature, 2

Part Three: www.addistribune.com/Archives/2004/12/10-12-04/ Click on Historical Feature>Ethiopia's Image in World Literature, 3

page 35 — Unabridged article "Ethiopia Revisited" by Jerry Knowles

The Herald #28 — Winter 2003–2004
"The RPCV Legacy Program," cover story
"Incorporation and non-profit status," page 2
"Legacy Program projects," page 3
"The anger at the border goes on," page 5
"Eritrean News," page 7
"Ethiopia News," page 14
"E& E RPCVs" — news of the group, page 28
"Friends," page 30
"Books & writers," page 36
Contacts, page 38
The Herald #27 — Winter/Spring 2002–2003
"Dought," cover story
"The Treaty," page 6
"Eritrean news," page 7
"Ethiopia news," page 14
"E& E RPCVs" — news of the group, page 34
"Friends" — featuring article by Laurie Kessler and news of RPCVs, page 38
"Books + Writers" — new books if interest, review: Unknown Ethiopia, page 46
Contacts, page 50
The Herald #26, Fall 2002
"Borders," cover story
"The Treaty," page 6
"Eritrean news," page 10
"Ethiopia news," page 16
"Elsewhere," page 29
"Peace Corps," page 30
"40 + 1 revisited," page 32
"DUES INCREASE," page 37
"E& E RPCVs" — news of the group, page 34
"Friends" — news of RPCVs, page 38
"Books + Writers" — new books if interest, review: The Hospital by the River: A Story of Hope, page 41
itor's POV and Plea," page 44
Contacts, page 46
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