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HE GOAL OF THIS RPCV LEGACY PROGRAM PROJECT is to provide vocational training in employable skills to sexually abused and destitute teens in Addis Ababa so that they might improve their lives by achieving economic independence.
It is estimated that there are around 100,000 children living in the streets of Addis Ababa of whom some 12,000 are known to be HIV positive. These children are at great risk of sexual abuse, and many become involved in sex work in order to survive. Their susceptibility to disease is increased by their lack of awareness about prevention. Girls who live on the street and are sexually active are especially vulnerable because of the risks of unplanned pregnancy: no prenatal care, additional risks during pregnancy due to poor hygiene and nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, trauma and substance use. According to reports, child prostitution in Addis Ababa is on the rise, and girls as young as eleven years old are recruited to work in houses of prostitution. Some clients assume that children are free from HIV infection and so prefer them to older women.
Children's Aid Ethiopia (CHAD-ET), an Ethiopia NGO based in Addis Ababa, will carry out the project. CHAD-ET was established in 1995 to protect the rights and welfare of children and to deliver services to children living under difficult circumstances. CHAD-ET sponsors a wide range of activities, including vocational training and the provision of seed capital to initiate self-employment.
     Since its inception in 2004, the Vocational Training for Children at Risk project has provided vocational training for 20 teens and supported 5 of them in unpaid internships in preparation for starting their own businesses. Currently, additional candidates for vocational training are being selected. The training varies in length from six to ten months, depending on the field and the educational level of the trainee with the typical training period being eight months. The average cost for one trainee is $400, or $50 per month.
The initial goal of the project was to raise $8,640, and as champions we each initially contributed 10% of the goal or $864. We invite you to join us as "champions" or to contribute $400 to provide vocational training for one child, $50 for one month of vocational training for one child, or any other amount to make the continuation of this project possible.

For more information, contact project champions:
John J. Kulczycki (Debre Zeit 1963–65) at kul@uic.edu

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Because the project has enough unexpended funds at this time to carry it well into 2008, and because the board is considering possible modifications to the project, we are not accepting additional funds at this time; however, we appreciate your interest and will keep you posted as further information becomes available.

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